2020 Conference Workshop Proposals

AUUMM 2020 Amplifying Voices from the Margins, Ann Arbor Michigan, Workshop Proposals

We are looking for workshops proposals for the 2020 AUUMM Conference in Ann Arbor Michigan from July 29 - August 2! Workshops should promote forward thinking, innovative work and speak to the core values and/or curriculum. Selected workshops will appeal to a wide variety of music leaders: composers, instrumentalists, vocalists, song leaders, children’s music leaders and music directors. 

The Conference Planning Committee has identified the conference theme of "Amplifying Voices from the Margins."

The core values of the conference include:

  • Accessibility/inclusivity;

  • Technology as an important and valuable tool; and

  • Theology/spirituality.

The core curriculum that we would like to offer in 2020: 

  • developing a common language around the cultural shifts we are facing both within the AUUMM and the broader UU denomination; 

  • developing a more practical & responsible understanding of non-Eurocentric music; 

  • exploring the absence of “God” in many of our congregations, more specifically, resistance to the liturgy and language of our Christian roots.



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