Music Leader Certification
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The Music Leadership Certification Program (MLCP) is a unique, three-year program that:

  • Summons music leaders to their calling of music ministry,
  • Enriches their service to Unitarian Universalist congregations, and
  • Enhances their professional perspective and skills.

Through the certification program, music leaders in our congregations develop a foundational understanding of three main areas of knowledge:

  1. Music skills and resources,
  2. UU heritage and values, and
  3. Leadership and interpersonal skills.

The Music Leadership Certification Program is administered by the Music Leadership Certification Committee (MLCC) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

For more information and to complete an application, visit

Current MLC Candidates:

Keith Arnold
Lyle "LB" Brown
Sara Brandt-Doelle
Alane Brown
Scott Deveaux
Pam Siegler
Carolyn Howard
Alisonn Vernon
Carolyn Clark
Sarah Deveau
Camille Harrison
Emily Jaworski
Benjie Messer
Alison Nixon
Susan Peck
Natasha Steinmacher
Tara Tresner-Kirsch
Laura Weiss

MLC Graduates:

Karen Bauman 2012
Charlyn Bethell 2015
Carmen Buford-Paige 2014
Gail Carey 2011
Mavis Cauffman 2014
Jan Chamberlin 2016
Mary Cunningham 2011
Angel de Armendi 2015
Dana Decker 2012
Sharon Douglas 2010
Mary Ann East 2010
Amber Fetner 2014
Wendy Fisher 2017
Matthew Frisk 2017
Gayle Giese 2016
David Glasgow 2013
Vicky Gordon 2009
Markus Grae-Hauck 2017
Bert Gulhaugen 2014
Annie Haymaker 2011
John Herrick 2011
Phil Hildreth 2009
Sojourner Hodges 2015
Connie Jahrmarkt 2009
Wally Kleucker 2014
Art Kuller 2013
Jed Levine 2017
Christe Lunsford 2016
Catherine Massey 2009
Shawn McCann 2013
Barbara Miller 2015
Brian Moon 2017
Emma Jean Moulton 2009
Linda Niemann 2012
Elizabeth H. Norton 2014
Ruben Piirainen 2009
Scott Roewe 2015
Ellie Rolnick 2014
Beth Syverson 2009
Kellie Walker Hart 2017
Anne Watson Born 2012
Bailey Whiteman 2017
Yuri Yamamoto 2015


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