Frequently Asked Questions
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Does AUUMM provide salary guidelines for church music staff?

AUUMM endorses the UUA Salary and Fair Compensation for Congregational Staff recommendations.

Our Music Director just resigned and we'd like some guidance as we begin the search process.

AUUMM offers "Making Music in Our Congregations - A Handbook for Staffing A Music Program in UU Congregations", available as a download here. It was created in 2008, so may be dated in some ways but still offers useful information and examples.

Our Minister and Choir Director do not see eye to eye. We've tried to solve the problem ourselves but with no success. Where do we go from here?

The "Good Offices" program of the AUUMM offers experienced church musicians who have undergone professional training to assist in such situations. The best time to look contact a Good Officer is at the onset of an issue. Visit the Good Officers page for further details and contact information. 

Where can I find choral music suitable for UU choirs?

See our AUUMM Music Database for hundreds of suggestions in a searchable format. Also, as part of the annual AUUMM summer conference each participant receives a packet of 30 to 40 recommended choral pieces of varying degrees of difficulty. Daily sessions offer the opportunity to read through each piece of music and order or purchase those of your choosing.

We have copyright questions!

The AUUMM affirms the policy that it is illegal to copy any music in order to avoid purchase. Visit our Copyright page for more information on copyright issues

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