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May 27, 2020 General Assembly Conversation Now Streaming

Friday, May 29, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Laurice Grae-Hauck
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When asked to serve on the largest Unitarian Universalist stage, why would all of these dedicated former GA music professionals say "no, thank you?" Why has a faithful Board of Trustees chosen to forgo this year's General Assembly and put energies into a more rewarding GA experience for our Association's members in 2021? We explored these and many other questions with our membership and the broader faith community in a town hall style forum on May 27, 2020. Looking for background information? See history below.


From the live chat:

"What I have learned from being a UU is that there is a big difference between talking about love and actually trying to live that love. Very grateful for the board and their work, and to those ministers who are showing up to try to bridge the gap. These conversations are difficult and often painful, but I am so grateful to all those who continue to move from love." - Emily Jaworski

"If the system is broken, we need to rebuild it from the ground up. Everyone must be willing to sit down at the table and create a new way to have the proper relationships with each of us." - Rev. Richard Speck

"So much pain in this conversation!" - Rev. Diane Teichert

"This conversation is an example of why I’m proud to be a lifetime member of AUUMM. Thank you, Board and everyone else!" -David Glasgow

"We need to deeply re-examine our “social justice norms” in this individual centering faith of ours. That feel-good feeling is not the goal. Yes yes yes. And a habit of ours that is literally death dealing." - Rev. Sofia Betancourt


Below are links to pertinent information regard the Association's negotiating process.

Letter to General Assembly Planning Committee (8/30/19)

An Update on GAPC Negotiations (12/31/19)

Update on GA 2020 and Other Advocacy Work (3/25/20)

A Message from the President Regarding GA (5/26/20)



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