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Music for Streaming Worship during Social Distancing Protocol

Sunday, March 15, 2020   (3 Comments)
Posted by: Laurice Grae-Hauck
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We are working to address the needs of our members as they modify their ministries in a virtual space. We are gathering composer permissions, recordings, etc. for use in streaming worship. The following is a living document as we gather more information, so keep an eye on it for additions. Don't forget to give credit!

If you are a composer or recording artist who would like to offer permissions to stream your work, please email Laurice Grae-Hauck, Acting Executive Director at  Please use the subject "Streaming Copyright Permission" and copy the following into your message with information :


Material: please include name and number of hymn(s) and hymnal if appropriate, if a recording artist provide name of album/song(s)

Brief Description: American songbook vocals, beatbox, contemporary saxophone, etc.

How to Access: please provide a link to where folks can purchase digital versions, download files, etc.


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Composers Granting Permission and UU Hymnals

If you have legally obtained copies of the hymnals below, you may use the following hymns and readings in online/streaming worship services. Either the music and text are in the public domain, the copyright is held by the Unitarian Universalist Association, or the composers have granted permission for their work to be used in worship services that are broadcast online (e.g. Zoom, YouTube, streaming, podcast, etc.) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Added March 27, 2020


If you have legally obtained rights to these composers’ work, (purchased sheet music for chorus, own hymnals in which their music appear, etc) you may use their music in your streaming.

  • Jason Shelton

    • Blue Boat Home (STJ #1064)

    • Each Night A Child is Born

    • The Fire of Commitment (STJ #1028)

    • For So the Children Come (STJ #1061 MUSIC ONLY)

    • How Sweet the Darkness (STJ #1055)

    • Hush (STJ #1040)

    • Morning Has Come (STJ #1000)

    • Standing on the Side of Love (STJ #1014)

  • Sarah Dan Jones

    • Meditation on Breathing (STJ #1009)

  • Elizabeth Norton

    • Szekely Aldas (STJ #1043)

    • There is a Love

  • Amanda Udis-Kessler

    • Mother Earth, Beloved Garden (STJ #1067)

    • Additional hymn and song scores available Queer Sacred Music 

  • Joyce Poley

    • One More Step (STLT #168)

    • When Our Heart Is In A Holy Place (STJ #1008)

    • Open the Door

    • What Can We Do

    • Let Us Give Thanks

  • Linda Hirschhorn
    •  Circle Round for Freedom (STLT #155)

You can also check out the AUUMM Music Database for tips and ideas

Not in the Hymnals

  • Loretta Notareschi - Songs, rounds, and choral anthems for worship. PDFs Available for purchase 

  • Niela Miller - email Niela at for copies of any sheet music for any of the piano vignettes in this concert

  • Scott Roewe - music available for choir, and lead sheets that work well for solo instruments (saxophone) and piano

  • Angela Salvaggione -  Email Angela at for music to any of the songs on her site

  • Emily McKinney - Email for access to brief musical materials appropriate for facilitating all-ages worship, free of copyright restriction, and flexible in terms of arrangement. Written from UU perspective.

  • Sharon Scroll - catalog of sheet music written for UU services

  • Linda Hirschhorn - "In These Hard Times"

Recordings to Use

These members have granted permission to use their music in your streaming during this time. Links to purchase digital albums. 

Not Your Mama’s Hymns - An album of UU hymns by AUUMM Board Secretary, Sarah Jebian, and AUUMM member Laura Weiss

Dancer in the Light and My Religion is Life - Albums of contemporary piano music by AUUMM member Markus Grae-Hauck

Japan, My Homeland and Mother and Son: Improvisations - Japanese songs and piano improvisations by AUUMM member Yuri Yamamoto

Lift Up The People  and Spirit of Miracles - Uptempo pop anthem by Mike Menefee

Songs of the New Old Ways and other anthems - Celtic rock fusion songs by AUUMM member Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael

Classical piano - Dionisio Camacho at Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Into the Gray and All of Us Are Loved - Worship music in English and Spanish by AUUMM member Amanda Udis-Kessler

24 Meditations - Poems for the piano by AUUMM member John Kramer

Catalog of Folk Rock songs by Gail and Rev. Charlie Davis

Ancient Slumbers, Ancient Realms, and Ancient Muse - Three albums of Celtic harp by Jennifer Pratt-Walter

Sweet Radiant Mystery - contemporary piano and voice by Catherine Dalton

This is Lea - Folk, Americana, Multi-voice by Lea Morris, free to use YouTube videos, available to buy

We Rise - virtual choir with music and lyrics by Darrell Grant, arrangement by Darrell Grant & Jason Shelton, featuring numerous AUUMM members

Last updated on April 26, 2020 


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Posted Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Am unable to access and have a new up-to-date membership as well. Please advise. Thank you.
David McFarland says...
Posted Wednesday, March 18, 2020
This document isn’t accessible. My membership is up-to-date and I’m currently using an iPhone 8. I’ll try in another device.
Alex Meyers says...
Posted Wednesday, March 18, 2020
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